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Meet Sandra

“MA allows you to receive super valuable information and coaching through great up to date tech courses and a super prepared team of coaches. Programs like MA allow you to open a door that otherwise you would not be able to.”
— Sandra

Before Food Service General Manager
After IT Consultant at Intact Technology

While working in the food service industry, Sandra rose to the rank of general manager in several DC-area chains. But that’s not where she wanted to be.

On her own, she started learning Android development through online courses, but wasn’t able to translate that into a career. Online courses provide incredible content — but they lack the in-person support and network that can make or break career transitions.

Then she found Merit America. Through Merit America, Sandra gained technical skills like operating systems management and network security, but she also practiced her soft skills with her coach and through community events.

Before the program was over, Sandra landed an IT Consultant position at an IT operations firm that has been named one of The Washington Post’s top workplaces for four years in a row.