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Samantha Mitchell

Career Coach


Samantha is a native from Washington, D.C., where she has worked for the last 7 years to impact the lives of children and adults through her career of workforce development. After graduating from Frostburg State University with a BA in English Literature, Samantha  worked for several years as a Program Coordinator, where she managed the internships of high school seniors and helped them to develop résumés, execute their post-high-school plans, and obtain scholarships and other sources of financial aid to fund their college tuition. Samantha is passionate about workforce development, résumé-building, and helping people to reach their fullest potential. She’s also known for her engaging public speaking skills, her active community involvement, and the compassion that she extends to everyone she meets.

My Best Learning Experience

During my college experience, I interned in the accounting department of the Washington Post and was responsible for calling all of the companies that were behind on their monthly payments. I didn’t have the skillset of professional communication at the time, so my first few days were pretty awful. I had to ask for the help that I needed, be willing to learn, and humble myself in a way that I had never been humbled before. After I gained the skills I needed, I developed confidence and the ability to properly handle the large amounts of phone calls and communication tasks that were assigned to me. Shortly after, I was promoted to work in the accounts receivable department and was trained to support upper management in daily operational tasks.