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Ryan Ouellette

Dallas Associate Site Director


Ryan is passionate about providing opportunities to improve people’s lives through education and training.  Originally from a small town in New Hampshire, Ryan has traveled the globe leading a variety of programs in the nonprofit, higher education, and private sectors.  With diverse experiences ranging from managing summer camps for at-risk youth to designing training programs for Chinese state-owned enterprises, Ryan has seen the impact of education at every level.  Most recently, Ryan worked at the Dallas County Community College District where he designed and implemented a portfolio of workforce certificates.  Ryan holds a BS in Finance and an MPA/MA in Nonprofit Management and International Relations from Seton Hall University.

My Best Learning Experience

Being the first person in my family to successfully navigate the system of higher education was incredibly formative for me.  From figuring out how to pay for school to learning how to build a career, I was constantly pushing the envelope.  In addition to living in Iraqi Kurdistan for a year after graduate school, my best learning experiences were lessons delivered through hardship.  Having to learn how to communicate in another language in order to function in a foreign land was a lasting lesson in humility.