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Do you want to help working Americans advance their careers, while helping prepare the skilled workforce America needs to succeed? Check out our partnership opportunities below. 

How You Can Help


Donations are tax-deductible and help us scale our work. Our current generous funders - who have made our early work possible - include:

  • Schmidt Futures

  • A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

  • Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

  • Strada Education Network

  • The Heckscher Foundation for Children

  • Siegel Family Endowment

  • Mary Anne Nyburg Baker and G. Leonard Baker, Jr.

  • Elizabeth and Russell Siegelman

  • America Achieves (incubation support)

Program Partners

We are committed to partnering with organizations in the education-for-employment space to expand our collective impact. A few of our initial partners are listed below.



We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, from serving as a Professional Mentor or Content Advisor to simply attending a community event and helping prepare our participants for professional interviews. Meet a few of our mentors:

Charlie Hofman - Mentor

"Being a mentor with Merit America has been a great way for me to connect with the next generation of IT professionals. Merit America learners are dedicated to their work, passionate about learning, and enthusiastic to share what they know with technical staff. I've really enjoyed our question and answer sessions- covering everything from office culture to how to build a Twitter bot in python. Mentors also provide resume and cover letter feedback, general career advice, and conduct mock interviews. The learners have put an incredible amount of time and energy into developing these skills, and it's always inspiring to help them get to the next level."

Nico Staple - Mentor

"Mentoring with Merit America was an extremely rewarding experience. In just a few hours facilitating mock interviews, I was able to help learners improve this essential skill. It’s clear Merit America is focused on ensuring positive outcomes for learners, and mentors play a key role in that. By sharing my own professional path, learners could hear first hand that there truly is no one way to enter the IT industry. By supporting this organization you can make a measurable impact on the next generation of IT professionals."

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