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Meet Chamille

“This program is an amazing opportunity that allowed me to learn a tremendous amount about technology and navigating the resume and interview process. I feel more prepared to go out and try to do something that I enjoy, and have it be my career, with a great support system.”
— Chamille

Before Inventory Control Associate
Now AIS Coordinator at ProSoDel

Toya came to Merit America with a long career in the financial services industry. Despite being critical to her team’s success, she wasn’t satisfied with her career progress.

Toya had a passion for tech; she’d studied computer science at DePaul University. But she never finished her degree. She joined the Merit America IT Support program and dove back into the tech world. From system administration to cybersecurity, Toya built the skills to earn the Google IT Certificate.

Toya also found invaluable professional skills training with her coach and squad. She grew her network and landed a full-time Junior IT Consultant position with room to grow."