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Elise Minkin

Director of Strategy & Partnerships


Elise is the Head of Program Strategy & Business Development at Merit America. She comes to Merit America from Bain & Company where she developed strategies for Fortune 500 companies and evaluated investments for leading private equity firms. She covered a wide range of topics and industries - including sales strategies for an enterprise software company, a new product launch for a biotech company, and a post-merger integration for a scientific instruments manufacturer. Elise holds a BS in Economics & Management and a BSE in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. 

My Best Learning Experience

I absolutely loved my high school in Hawaii, Punahou. The school is at the forefront of utilizing technology and innovative practices, the teachers care about students on a personal level, and the culture encourages students to explore their passions and develop their values. I still can remember silly songs about science or math concepts that our teachers made up to help us learn, reminisce fondly on fun projects I worked on with friends, and utilize problem solving techniques I developed while working through group problem sets. I was able to learn so much about who I am and what my values are. I strive to create a program for our Merit America learners that is equally impactful on their careers and lives.