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Build your career through merit


Merit America provides a path to skilled careers for adults without Bachelor’s Degrees. Our programs are fast, flexible, and focused on what employers need most.

Our Approach 


In-Demand Careers

We partner with top employers to understand the specific skills they need, and we secure priority hiring commitments for our graduates. We build backwards from employers’ skill needs and co-locate in the regions where they have jobs waiting.


Supported Learning

We teach the skills employers need through “blended” learning programs, which combine the best of online learning with in-person support. Our program includes weekly 1:1 and small group meetings with a dedicated coach, as well as community-wide events.


Talented Adults

We recruit working adults with demonstrated potential to succeed in our program and the careers that follow. Our participants don’t have the time or money to participate in bootcamps or go back to school, and we provide a flexible pathway for advancing their careers.

Our Impact


Job-seeking graduates employed or received a job offer within 6 months of graduation


Average annual wage gain for Merit America graduates in new positions


“An Amazing Opportunity”

“Merit America gives you an opportunity to change your financial standing and where you are in life while giving you the skills necessary to do so - it's an amazing opportunity."

- Shonneri Parker, Merit America learner